The CERIMED Mission and Vision



Cerimed is offering in a unique site a space of synergy and discussions between the different disciplines of medical imaging sciences in close relation with industry. The goal is to create in Europe a pole of excellence regrouping the necessary competences and infrastructures to conduct an ambitious R&D program on the design and validation of new generations of imaging systems, which are likely to contribute in a decisive manner to the solution of some of the public health problems.

The most essential measures are:

  • Create a synergie between available competences in Europe
  • Give a focus on existing networks (for instance Crystal Clear, French Canceropoles, OpenGATE,etc)
  • Create and promote a multidiciplinary community working in the field of medical imaging and involving medical doctors, biologists, physicists and industrial representatives.
  • Create a dynamic process in close connection with a strong education pole
  • Create incentives for innovation and favor the european industry in this field
  • Create a strong european leadership in molecular imaging technology



Our vision of Cerimed is:

  • The creation of a european center of excellence in Molecular Imaging with a particular emphasis on PET & Multimodality
  • A strong and sustained recognition at the european level
  • Building a center of excellence around six poles:
    • Technical development
    • Clinical applications
    • Imaging for biological research
    • Development of radio tracers
    • Industry
    • Education and training


Combined MRI and PET image from a human brain (Courtesy of ???)